Installing SpinStudio

The process of installing SpinStudio is simple and straight-forward:

  1. Allow SpinStudio to access your store

  2. Select a product to add 3D image to

  3. Upload 3D image frames

  4. Customize

1. Allow SpinStudio to access your store

SpinStudio will ask you the permission to access your store. Click "Install" to continue.

In a short while, the installation will be over and you'll find yourself at the "Products" page at SpinStudio dashboard.


2. Select a product to add 3D image to

If you already have products at your store, they will be listed below. SpinStudio needs to link the animated images to a product at your store, so it is useless unless you have at least one.

Click the title of the product to get to the page where you will be able to upload the image frames or delete previously uploaded frames.


3. Upload 3D image frames

You can upload a whole bundle of frames in one go. Please avoid file names containing double quotes!

  • A spinning image that you can show at the storefront consists of several photos of your product, made at different angles. You can make those photos yourself or have a professional photographer do it for you.

    The recommended minimum of images is 8, but you can use as many photos as you want. For example, 72 images taken at equal angles from each other would produce a really impressive effect!

    You do not need to make a fluid animation either. Certain shop owners use animated images to display image sequences as a means to demonstrate product states, abilities, etc. Please take a look at the samples at the demo store we prepared at Shopify, to get ideas about what you can do.


SpinStudio analyzes the file names and if it detects that the names contain numbers, it will order the frames according to that numbering. Otherwise, the frames are uploaded in the order you pick.


When all frames have been uploaded, you will see the animated image. This is what your customers will see at the store front, except that the size will be different.

This is when you can examine the animation and decide whether it is good enough. If you like the result, click "Save Changes". Otherwise, click "Delete Frames" and reupload them again, with necessary changes.

You may have noticed "Clockwise" checkbox. Check it to change the order of the animation frames.


4. Customize

There are several aspects of SpinStudio that you can tune to suit your store:

  • Clickfree
    If instead of clicking, dragging or touching the image with your mouse pointer or a finger you prefer just hovering the mouse pointer over it, check this option. The image will start spinning as soon as the pointer enters the image area.
  • Auto-spin
    3D images look exactly like static images unless you start touching them. You can attract attention to the awesome animation of your product by checking this option. SpinStudio animation will be launched without any user interaction, as soon as the 3D image is loaded.
  • Revolution
    You can control the speed of animation by adjusting this value. "0.5" means that the mouse pointer has to be dragged half of the image in order to preform a complete animation sequence.

We are constantly working on improving user experience with SpinStudio, so there might be more options added to this list in the future.